MIDWEST PAPERWEIGHT COLLECTORS is dedicated to fostering the Art of the Paperweight.

As a paperweight collectors group, we meet at least twice a year and offer our members lively meetings and days of fun.

Some members collect contemporary paperweights, others collect antique paperweights, and many collect both.

We educate and enjoy learning more about paperweights through meeting artists, understanding the glass techniques, sharing with each other, and viewing collections including museum and private collections.

We hope you will visit our website often to keep up to date with contemporary paperweight artists activities as they receive awards and participate in exhibits and create new work. Getting to know the artists and appreciating their work is a high priority.

We learn a lot from each other and are more than happy to share knowledge and information.  Many members have become good friends and enjoy socializing together.  We do our best to welcome new members and we are always happy to have visitors at our meetings.  Although most of our members are from Illinois, we have members in Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, and Iowa.

Ordinarily membership dues are $25 but we are offering complimentary membership in the year 2016. It’s easy to join – just go to the membership page.


  • 19May
    Hunter - checker

    April 26-29, 2017 PCA Convention

    http://paperweight.org/conventions/17_convention/index.php The 2017 Convention of the Paperweight Collectors Association                will be held in historic Norfolk, VA home of the Chrysler Museum.

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  • Alison Ruzsa
  • Mayauel Ward
  • Damon MacNaught
  • Mike Hunter
  • Cathy Richardson
  • Clinton Smith
  • Charles Kaziun
  • Gordon Smith Snake
  • Antique American
  • Delmo Tarsitano Salamander Paperweight 1986
  • Antique Baccarat Close Pack
  • Antique Bacchus Concentric